• Kilwinning Academy Parent Council

    Kilwinning Academy Parent Council

    As a parent council it is important that the voice of young people and their physical and mental wellbeing is at the top of our priority. The pupil voice has requested that the school purchase materials to regenerate the seating areas within the school break areas to help enhance the environment for young people to enjoy whilst spending their breaks hours outdoors. These are also used as a social networking place where young people share their thoughts, concerns and future-plans whilst enjoying eating outdoors.

    Amount Requested: £1000

  • Kilwinning Academy Sports Council and Active Schools Leaders

    Kilwinning Academy Sports Council and Active Schools Leaders

    The money will be used to create an ownership and identifiability for the young people within the school council so as they are easily identified as young leaders and role models within the schools community- as they not only improve physical wellbeing through their coaching and development of opportunities they will also develop a stronger mental wellbeing through them being more visible/approachable for the young people within the Kilwinning community.

    Amount Requested: £1000

  • Kilwinning Awards Group

    Kilwinning Awards Group

    The young people from the awards group work hard to gain recognized qualifications but they also need free time. Our project is to obtain the correct resources that will allow this group to relax from the practical and written work they do and enjoy themselves. The group is involved in many voluntary activities within their community. Working at the allotments, help sports coaching for children and their own hobbies can be included in working towards the qualifications. If awarded the money, it will raise the moral of the group by mixing the work with chilling and having fun

    Amount Requested: £1000

  • Kilwinning Community Events

    Kilwinning Community Events

    Kilwinning Fireworks in the Park displays are the biggest in the area and is attended by thousands of people. Police have advised from previous events there is a reduction in local fire raising and anti-social behaviour affecting the area. Young people are encouraged to attend an organised display. The event also lets families attend an organised, free display, allowing people from all economic backgrounds to enjoy fireworks safely. The community can get involved in various areas of organising, making the event inclusive. All funds come from fundraising and donations. All money would be used for fireworks and the event.

    Amount Requested: £1000

  • Kilwinning Senior Youth Forum

    Kilwinning Senior Youth Forum

    To deliver a Family Fun Day for the wider community of Kilwinning to incorporate fun activities for children and young people. This will include large inflatables, balloon man, silent disco, face/glitter painting, gaming, badge making, local stalls and snacks and refreshments.

    Amount Requested: £992

  • Kilwinning Sports Club – Football Club

    Kilwinning Sports Club – Football Club

    KSC – Youth Football Section would like £1000 towards the provision of proper storage facilities for our 17 young football teams’ kit and equipment. Our football kit/ football-boot exchange ensures equipment is recycled. As any parent knows, the cost of kit, particularly football-boots is expensive. Our young people grow so fast, new boots are sometimes purchased and replaced several times a season. By offering an equipment exchange, used boots & kit will be stored and available to individuals and teams that need them thus keeping overall costs down. This positive and proactive approach from us helps to combat poverty and inequality.

    Amount Requested: £1000

  • PDA Kilwinning

    PDA Kilwinning

    The residential is to help build confidence within the group, to help them go out and deliver youth work within the Kilwinning locality. The group will also be doing a work placement for 10 weeks in Kilwinning delivering youth work. this will include several different groups like sport, awards group, environmental (allotments) and groups that support all young people, to give them a voice on matters that affect them. On completion of portfolios and successful after assessment we will hopefully be accepted to go on to further education in community work and work with young people in Kilwinning, delivering fun sessions.

    Amount Requested: £1,000

  • Promoting Kilwinning

    Promoting Kilwinning

    Kilwinning Christmas lights is an important event for Kilwinning Community. We have raised the finances to support a new “REAL Christmas tree” and lights. We will be introducing the ‘Kilwinning Christmas Elf’, which we are using to promote Kilwinning and raise funding to start the replacement and enhancement of the Christmas lights over the next few years. Youth Services will also be live streaming the event for people to view across the world. We are trying to work with local business and will be promoting those who are supporting the event with a banner on display.

    Amount Requested: £1000

  • St Luke’s Parent Council

    St Luke’s Parent Council

    We are a Parent Council who would like the grant to promote positive mental health within our school community. We want to make a difference to our children by providing relevant information to carers in an informal setting. We will provide a three-course dinner while simultaneously providing talks from speakers regarding the signs, symptoms and support for mental health. Our aim is to help, inform and provide a safe environment to promote POSITIVE mental health.

    Amount Requested: £999.90

  • The Friday Night Youth Club & Monday Night Fun Crew

    The Friday Night Youth Club & Monday Night Fun Crew

    We will focus on health & wellbeing/keeping active - our clubs are for young people who have additional support needs and we want our attendees to be healthy, active and have the opportunity to socialise with their peers. To achieve this, we plan to take the young people to Castle Semple for water sports including kayaking, canoeing, raft building and sailing. These will be adapted where necessary and encourage physical activity which will lead to longer term benefits. This project will ensure that the activities offered are greatly improved, inclusive and meet the needs of all the young people who attend.

    Amount Requested: £1000