• Breahead Junior Ice Hockey Club

    Breahead Junior Ice Hockey Club

    Keeping Junior Ice Hockey Alive in Renfrewshire

    Braehead Junior Ice Hockey Club, also known as Peewees, introduces young people aged 7 to 17 years, to the exciting and dynamic sport of ice hockey, with twice weekly sessions (training and games) where they learn the skills and drills of ice hockey , learn the disciplines of team sport,have great fun and make lasting friendships. It is a fantastic way to keep fit and active, gain confidence and self-esteem,whilst learning new skills. The aim of this project is to make participation costs as low as possible to give as many young people as wish to the opportunity to take part.

    Amount Requested - £372

  • Foxbar and Glenburn Outdoor group (Club)

    Foxbar and Glenburn Outdoor group (Club)

    Foxbar and Glenburn Outdoor Club

    "We would like to have a weekly programme of outdoor learning activities. We would like to use Glen Park, Gleniffer Braes, Durrockstock Park and the Community Garden / allotments at Grow In Glenburn to:

    do outdoor crafts and bushcraft, cycling, putting up shelters, walking & first aid, grow winter veg, tool work including making wood cookies, tree ID and nature watching including a trip to RSPB Lochwinnoch, longer activities including going to Muirshiel Country Park to climb Windy Hill and do conservation activities.

    Amount Requested - £3,000

  • Foxbar and Glenburn Outdoor group (Residential)

    Foxbar and Glenburn Outdoor group (Residential)

    Glenburn & Foxbar Outdoor Club Residential

    "We would like to stay at the Cabins at Lapwing Lodge’s hobbit houses and take part in high ropes using the grant. - we would like to cook outdoors, bread and meals - outdoor crafts and bush craft - high ropes including crate climbing or low ropes courses - paddling (if the time of year is right) - Shelter building / divvying in the woods - have a camp fire and telling stories - survival theme day - group work games including a treasure hunt This would be the highlight of our outdoor youth club."

    Amount Requested - £2,197

  • Glenburn GoZone Youth Club

    Glenburn GoZone Youth Club

    Holly Jolly Wonderland

    The Holly Jolly Winter Wonderland Event will begin in November with young people designing invites, venue booking, programming and making decorations. They will complete tasks in clubs and work towards the event in Foxbar Community Centre. This will be a Christmas Party with a disco, games, activities and a visit from Santa.

    Club Members will complete a Hi5 Award in recognition of the work they complete. They will invite others from their community and promote the clubs in each area.

    This will bring young people from the area of Gleniffer together promoting the work they have done within their Clubs.

    Amount Requested - £1747

  • Gleniffer High School (gymnastics)

    Gleniffer High School (gymnastics)

    Gleniffer Girls Gymnastics

    At Gleniffer High, we aim to get over 407 of our pupils engaged in physical activity at lunch and/or after school. We believe that if we can engage young people at school age, there is more of a chance they will continue to be active in later life and therefore lead a more healthy lifestyle. In particular, it is a target to engage more girls into sport.

    Amount Requested - £2,500

  • Gleniffer High School (sports leaders)

    Gleniffer High School (sports leaders)

    Gleniffer Young Sports Leaders

    The programme will be an invaluable opportunity for the pupils involved. The experiences and qualifications which they will receive will benefit both them and the community in the future. In particular, the positive impact on the young people within the primary schools will be substantial. The first aid course will provide our community with invaluable training and knowledge should they ever come across a situation where they migh need it - potentially life saving. The pupils at Gleniffer High can make a real difference.

    Amount Requested - £2,900

  • I Am Me Scotland

    I Am Me Scotland

    Renfrewshire Against Bullying App

    The Renfrewshire Anti Bullying App will give children and young people who have experienced/witnessed bullying a way to: • Report incidents directly to the school, with the option to report anonymously • Get support and advice about bullying, mental health and other support for young people from links on the app to RespectMe, SeeMe, Young Scot & ChildLine. The App will be designed and developed with children and young people to make sure it is suitable and easy to use. Parents/carers and other witnesses will also be able to report bullying to the school, to help keep children and young people safe.

    Amount Requested - £2,500

  • Lamont Farm Project

    Lamont Farm Project

    Lamont Farm Project

    Lamont Farm Project will always aim to enhance a young persons experience, whether through school, a project or as a visitor. We believe that every young person should have an opportunity to work with or visit animals if the wish and that we can provide this opportunity, and that we will continue to develop the skills of each young person who visits or volunteers to allow them to reach their full potential.

    Amount Requested - £3,000

  • Renfrewshire Carers Centre

    Renfrewshire Carers Centre

    Renfrewshire Carers Centre Young Carers Project

    Young Carers dedicate their childhood to caring for a loved one who has an illness or disability; as a result, they miss opportunities and events with their peers, which leaves them feeling isolated and alone. Young Carers prioritise the health and well being of their family before themselves . This often results in them being stressed, anxious, losing sleep and struggling to concentrate or attend school. Respite breaks will give Young Carers the opportunity to have fun, de-stress, make new friends and try new experiences, which will build their confidence. “When you take care of other all the time it gets hard to put your own need first.

    Amount Requested - £1,693.71

  • Renfrewshire effort to empower minorities

    Renfrewshire effort to empower minorities

    Making healthy choices within the B.A.M.E. community

    This will be done with workshops on healthy eating, encouraging young people to be involved in swimming and sports, There also needs to be information on making healthy choices rather than 'diets'. This has to be a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. there will also be information and participation in exercise not just group exercise but activities such as walking to places or climbing stairs. Exercise can be free it doesn't have to cost anything at all. We want to involve young people in this as being part of a team educating each other is a better way to learn than one person telling them what to do.

    Amount Requested - £2,500

  • Renfrewshire Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament

    Renfrewshire Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament

    Smart Bus Travel

    Free bus travel loaded onto Young Scot Cards . Allow Young People to travel across Renfrewshire to clubs/groups . Improve Health and Wellbeing buy giving Young People access to even more services . Reduce stigma of Young People not being able to afford bus travel .

    Amount Requested - £2,961.60




    We would like children and young people to learn how to cook. They will learn cooking, budgeting and fun skills in the kitchen. Each child will be given a chance to bring along their family and cook for them a big group meal. They will shop for ingredients on a budget. After the 4 weeks they will be given a pack to take home and keep. This will include ingredients and cooking equipment. They will also get to meet new people and socialise in their local area creating new friendship groups.

    Amount Requested - £3,000

  • Stronger Communities Glenburn

    Stronger Communities Glenburn

    Family Active Muay Thai Club

    The class will be run by local community member who has been doing Muay Thai for the past 7 years. It will be open to 8 years old and over. It will teach kids and adults self defence while having fun and getting fit together as a family. The funding would go towards all equipment and also our lets which means that it’s cost effective for families so that there are no barriers. The club is inclusive and anyone is welcome. Families will be able to get out the house and interact together in a safe and fun environment. Thanks.

    Amount Requested - £1,474.40

  • The Boys Brigade, Paisley & District Battalion

    The Boys Brigade, Paisley & District Battalion

    Battalion Organising & Event Programme

    At the boys brigade all of our events cater for all age groups in the Battalion from primary 1 to 18 years. we hold in excess of 23 events throughout the session. These include sports, physical activities, swimming and fun days for our junior members. Over the session we expect attendance from over 900 boys brigade members, which hopefully through family and friends attracts new members. All of these events require input, commitment and support of our leaders to make the events successful. We believe that our annual events programme of activities will prove to be exciting and enjoyable for all participants.

    Amount Requested - £1,000.00

  • Young Enterprise Scotland - Renfrewshire Area

    Young Enterprise Scotland - Renfrewshire Area

    Young Enterprise Scotland - Renfrewshire Area

    The young enterprise company programme Renfrewshire, ran entirely by volunteers is an immersive opportunity for senior phase school pupils to develop skills that will help them in whatever path they follow – such as working with others, marketing, customer service, finance, planning, sales etc – all done and managed in a safe but competitive environment where all volunteers are PVG’d. The programme costs £5000 a year to run. This year we hope to benefit over 100 Renfrewshire pupils from Aug 2019 to March 2020

    Amount Requested - £2,500